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How much does life cost in Slovenia?
When calculating the cost of living in Slovenia, it is necessary to consider the basic expenses that a person faces on a monthly basis. The amount spent on each of these items of expenditure varies from person to person and depends on one’s preferences.
The cost of housing differs depending on the region, as the Slovenian market offers both houses on the seashore and in the mountains, as well as city apartments.

Accommodation and utilities cost in the capital Ljubljana:

1-room apartment or studio in Ljubljana - from 400 to 700 euros / month
2-room apartment in Ljubljana - from 700 to 1.000 euros / month
3-room apartment in Ljubljana – from 1,000 to 3,000 euros / month.

Utility costs usually include heating, water, electricity, garbage collection, building manager's services: 150 euros / month - for 2 people, 200-250 euros / month - for 3-4 people.

Grocery basket per month for one person: 400-600 euros.

Mobile services: 20-25 euros / month.

Education. Kindergarten costs on average 200-400 euros per month. Public schools are free in Slovenia. The cost of private schools starts from 6.000 euros / year.

Personal expenses (entertainment, restaurants, travel, clothing, etc.) depend on your own preferences.

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