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Education in Slovenia
Why should you choose Slovenia?
✔️ It is a high-quality and inexpensive European education, with an opportunity to build a career in Europe.

✔️ Admission requirements are simple: you need to prepare apostilled documents on obtaining secondary education, and, for some programs, confirmation of Slovenian or English language proficiency.

✔️ Students have an opportunity both to study and work, as Slovenia has a developed “student service” system.

✔️ Also, students have a chance to participate in European mobility programs and study in other countries for one semester or one academic year.
Slovenian higher education is presented by 2 types of cycles:

  1. Short cycle. This is a professional higher education completed in 2 years. It is provided by special colleges.

  1. Full cycle. It consists of 3 levels: bachelor's degree (three to four years), master's degree (one or two years) and doctoral studies (two to four years). It is available at universities and art academies.

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