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Business support in Slovenia
Doing business in Slovenia, companies face many legal and regulatory challenges.
In order to rationally manage your business in Slovenia and reduce the costs of solving any possible problems, you would require expert legal and accounting support.

Our answer is that we can do it for you. With the professional support of DIRECT SLOVENIA team, all the bureaucratic issues are handled by our specialists from A to Z. Our lawyers are in Slovenia and interact daily with local municipalities, notaries, lawyers, etc. There are many aspects that are not so easy to find on the Internet, but our team knows everything about them.

We provide a full scope of services: accounting and legal support, business analytics, and obtaining licenses. Our company organizes and conducts negotiations. We process primary documentation, draw up customs documents, provide financial analysis services, and fully support the company's activities. Are you planning to immigrate and do business in Slovenia?

Our team will help to accomplish your plans.
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